Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr

First Scripture Reading
Jude 17: 20b-25
Gospel Reading
Mark 11: 27-33

Opening Prayer

Good Jesus, Teacher of my soul, build up my wavering faith. Root me deep in Your Love, for You are the Source of my life. Help me not to judge others, when they live from different life experiences and expectations. Empower me to entrust them to Your mercy, and not immerse them in my petty judgments. You teach with an inner authority that confronts. You speak from God Who is Your Source, Center and Identity. Teach me to be in touch with the divine DNA within me – that inner place where You dwell and whisper. Teach me to pray reflectively and in communion with You, Who is always present. Help me discern when it is You whispering, and when it is only my needs and hurts screaming in anger and self-pity. Give me the courage to trust that inner authority of Your Wisdom You are always speaking and sharing. I am a slow student, Jesus. Teach me, good Teacher.

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