Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr

First Scripture Reading
Acts 18: 23-28
Gospel Reading
John 16: 23b-28

Opening Prayer

God of Wonders, I continue to be awed by the surprising and new ways the message of Jesus is embracing and transforming people, like Apollos in Ephesus. Refine my vision that I might continue to see Your miracles and power, working beyond me. Humble my heart that I might continue to wonder at the mystery of Your plan and the presence of Your Spirit. Jesus, you have gone home to God. In You, we know that God listens and responds. It is you speaking in us. InSpirit us with the bold confidence of a child who asks with expectancy. Give us the wisdom and humility to know that God responds, not because of our deeds and goodness, but because you are speaking in us, and you are God’s Beloved and our brother. Thank you for transforming us into God’s children. Help me to continue to be awed today by the ways You work in the people and experiences of my life.

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