Memorial of Saint Martin of Tours, Bishop

First Scripture Reading
Rom 16:3-9, 16, 22-27
Gospel Reading
Lk 16:9-15

Opening Prayer

Lord, sometimes I feel naked before you.  You do read my heart.  You read everyone’s heart.  It probably concerns you that we get so caught up in externals and gathering things to heighten our self-worth.  Our hearts are so divided.  You ask purity and simplicity of heart.  I need your help.  Give me wisdom to use well the gifts, resources and challenges you have given me, so that my ability to work for your reign might be heightened.  Trust me with more –  I  will respond, by your grace.  Stretch my stewardship so that I might be worthy to embrace even more in Your eternal Presence.  Teach my confused heart what is really important.  Like Paul, I am grateful for so many people who have welcomed, hosted and lavished me with attention, love and challenge.  You work wonderfully through  them, as you worked through the women who were so helpful to Paul.  Jesus, you had special women who touched your spirit and anointed you with love.  Thank you for the special women and men who anoint my soul with your love.

Thank you for St. Martin. He had such a love for the poor and believed in the power of gentleness as the only true strength. He was especially gentle with those who differed with him and the Church. Help me to believe, like Martin, that kindness and humility are powerful. Give me his spirit when I meet difficult people today.

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