Memorial of Saint Peter Claver

First Scripture Reading
Colossians 3: 12-17
Gospel Reading
Luke 6: 27-38

Opening Prayer

Demanding God, sometimes You ask too much of us! We are grateful that You have made us Your chosen ones. You have clothed us in Christ and connected us as one Body. These are beautiful and inspiring concepts and powerful actions. But You want us to be like You!!! To forgive as You forgive! To be as compassionate as You are compassionate! To be as selfless and self- emptying as is Jesus! Aren’t You asking too much??? You really stretch us to love those who hate us, to turn the other cheek, and not to judge nor condemn. Do You know how difficult that is for us, Lord? It is so much easier to squeeze You to our size and pettiness, but then we limit You, Holy One, our God!! Help us to know, believe and show in our thoughts, words, and actions that we are made in Your image, and not You in our image. The Spirit and presence of Jesus makes being like You possible. Thank You!!

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