Memorial of Saint Philip Neri, Priest

First Scripture Reading
Acts 25: 13b-21
Gospel Reading
John 21: 15-19

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, you look into my eyes and ask the same questions you ask Peter. “Yes, I love you!” Even though I’ve denied you in my life sometimes, and acted against your teachings, I really want to love you, Jesus. I’m doing the best I know how. You know my weakness. Thank you for understanding and still trusting and empowering me to create your reign and nurture others. Today we celebrate St. Therese receiving permission from her father to enter Carmel. Give me her bold confidence in following you, Lord of Love. Teach me to follow where you call and send me. Like Paul and Peter, I hear the echoes of the pain and price involved in following you and loving you with passion and conviction. I never want to hurt or disappoint you again, Jesus. Help me to follow you with wholehearted love and conviction!

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