Memorial of Saint Philip Neri

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 36:1, 4-5a, 10-17
Gospel Reading
Mark 10:32-45

Opening Prayer

You are the eternal God of everything and everyone. Yet we still try to squeeze into Your limelight, seeking power, privilege and proper seats at the head table of Your reign. Do you shake Your head in disbelief? Please call forth Your Spirit and tickle our memory so that we trust You more. Gather us into Your heart as You have gathered Your people throughout the ages. We need to trust You when we drink the cup of sacrifice and surrender. Empower us not to seek the satisfaction of our own thirsts, but to extend Your endless reign by the way we treat each other. Fill us with your gracious glory and uplifting grace, that we may believe that we are Your beloved first-born and You do know us intimately by our name.

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