Memorial of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

First Scripture Reading
Baruch 1: 15-22
Gospel Reading
Luke 10: 13-16

Opening Prayer

Understanding and Merciful God, Jesus was hurt and angry when neighboring towns, having experienced his healing power and heard his good news, did not respond. Your people of old, despite the wonders You worked in their midst, still allowed their hearts to stray and their actions to violate the justice of Your reign. Without You and Your grace, we collapse into darkness and sin. We take things into our own hands, forgetting that You are present and walking with us. We remold the creation to serve our needs. We become deaf and do not listen to Your voice speaking in our hearts, even though you are so intimately close within us and neighboring around us. Anoint us again with Your Spirit. Enflame our hearts with the love of Your Sacred Heart. Change us that we might change our world. Withhold Your wrath and increase Your mercy and understanding.

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