Memorial of Saints John de Brebeuf and Isaac Jogues

First Scripture Reading
Romans 5: 12, 15B, 17-19, 20B-21
Gospel Reading
Luke 12: 35-38

Opening Prayer

Jesus, great priest and suffering servant of God’s people, on this day Pope John Paul II declared what many of us have always known: that St. Therese, your “Little Flower” is a Doctor of the Church. Her teachings have influenced so many of us to be close to you, to serve you in love, and to allow the sufferings of life to refine our hearts. As you taught and experienced salvation through suffering, teach us to allow our hearts to be ripped open and refined by the sufferings which happen to us. You embraced all humanity in our sinfulness, darkness, violence and self-destruction, and you took us to God’s throne, making us holy. You suffered because of our need to be in control. You were nailed to our sins! Yet God received your suffering surrender. And in you, God embraced us. Even as we seek to follow and live like you, you know our ongoing petty struggles – we want to be in control and manipulate others – be important in their eyes – sit at the head table of life. Teach us your self- emptying service. Humble our hearts. Refine them through suffering and stretching that we might reach out to the whole world in the power of your embracing love. May your mission of connecting, embracing and uplifting the human family be our mission today.

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