Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, bishops

First Scripture Reading
2 Timothy 1: 1-8 or Titus 1: 1-5
Gospel Reading
Mark 4: 21-25

Opening Prayer

We are your chosen! Like Timothy and Titus and so many others, we are the messengers of Your Word, Holy God of Revelation. We are to proclaim Your promises and work for their fulfillment. Thank you for empowering trust. Make us people of light. Protect us from the distorted darkness of the scribes who saw evil in what they could not understand and embrace. Save us from unclean eyes and give us pure hearts so that we not demean, destroy or demonize those people and movements we don’t understand. Instill us with Your compassion and wisdom to reverence the many mysterious ways You live and work in our world. Send us with apostolic fervor to the ends of the earth and the boundaries of Your Heart.

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