Thursday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Hebrews 3: 7-14
Gospel Reading
Mark 1: 40-45

Opening Prayer

I’m such a confusing mess, Good Jesus! I always seem so needy. I’m thrilled that You and I are partners. Because You became one of us and took everything about us to God, we can walk as partners and friends along the road of life until we are fully home. Sometimes I am like the leper – I reach out for help. At other times, I am afraid because I feel untouchable and distant. Reach out and touch me, even when I am unable to bring my neediness before You! I’m sorry that I am disobedient – I don’t know how to keep quiet when You free, heal and uplift me! I want to shout! Thank You for being my partner who wraps Your strong arms around me and who reaches out to touch the rotting emptiness inside me!

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