Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

First Scripture Reading
2 Maccabees 6: 18-31
Gospel Reading
Luke 19: 1-10

Opening Prayer

Good God, You protect and stretch us! Embrace your faithful innocents. Help us not to scandalize people, even with the best of intentions. Purify our intentions and actions. InSpirit us not to compromise your Gospel values or ourselves. Stretch us, like Zacchaeus. Empower us to climb to see you and share Your vision. Humble us because you choose to come to our house to eat and enjoy hospitality. Protect us from the negative judgments of others. Transform our hoarding and unjust hearts to be like your self-emptying heart of justice and compassion. We have a long climb of conversion, but your look empowers us and your salvation transforms us. May our piety never allow us to simply stare at you, without changing our hearts and our world with more just living. Your presence within us makes us stand very tall.

God of mystery, beyond and within us, You chose Mary as the finest among us.  Her innocence and openness allowed You to find and create a new dwelling place among us.  She is presented in the Temple, as the finest offering of our people.  And You create a new Temple of her and within us.  Her youth proclaims your hopeful and powerful initiative.  We rejoice that through Mary, You chose to make us Your Temple, the living Body of Your Christ.  Give us the faith, which Jesus asked for, that we may be Your mother and brothers and sisters.  Give us the faith to follow you, in the glory of your presence and in the darkness when You seem absent.  Help us not to rest on our laurels and inherited faith, but to continue to grow and seek you and Your will.

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