Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 28: 10-22a
Gospel Reading
Matthew 9: 18-26

Opening Prayer

Jesus, you are Jacob’s stairway. You are our connection to God and the direct access we have to the Holy One! Thank you for always being with us, no matter how lost we seem. Your presence makes us “Bethel”, the House of God, because you dwell within us. Come to us with your healing power of life. Stop the hemorrhaging of our spirits and anything which dissipates our energy or causes us to be unholy. Enter our house and bring your healing touch and renewed life. Don’t let our cynicism and lack of faith blind us to the reality that we live in Bethel – that our life experience is your dwelling place, Holy God! Thank you for entering the abode of our hearts and making us holy!

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