Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Kings 19: 9a, 11-13a
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 9: 1-5
Gospel Reading
Matthew 14: 22-33

Opening Prayer

This is a noisy world we live in, Lord! Sometimes it is challenging to hear Your voice. Like Elijah, we look for You in strong winds, earthquakes and lightening. We forget how gentle You are. Gentle us so that we can hear, discern and listen to Your tiny whispering voice. Help us create out-of-the- way places and spaces where we can listen to Your voice. Give us contemplative peace that we can experience You walking through the waters of our life experience. Be the calm in the center of our chaos, Ancient Whispering God! In the midst of all the noise and sounds which scream at us, help us not to miss the marvelous ways You bless us and are with us. InSpirit us not to be afraid when the silence seems deafening and empty. We are humble at the simplicity of Your presence, the gentleness of power, and the faithfulness of Your voice. Gentle us to listen!

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