Friday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Joshua 24: 1-13
Gospel Reading
Matthew 19: 3-12

Opening Prayer

Loving Father, Protective Mother, You are so active in our history as a people and in my own personal history.  You have molded my history and heritage and been involved in every detail of who and what I am.  I am so indebted to You  So much of me is because of You, not because of my choices and labor.  I’m humbled by Your awesome power and all-pervading presence.  Help us to be faithful to commitments, especially marriage.  Gentle me not to abuse others to satisfy my needs.  Family life seems to be breaking up, Lord, help us live and love together as You live and love as a community of Persons.  Energize us with chastity to purify our attitudes toward others.

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