Ninth Week in Ordinary Time  

First Scripture Reading
2 Timothy 3: 10-17
Gospel Reading
Mark 12: 35-37

Opening Prayer

Son of David, you continue to make us think and delight our imaginations. You really are confusing and challenging. You are one of us, Lord Jesus. You are son of Man. You are of us. Yet you are beyond us, Son of God. Sometimes we get confused by our own origin and identity. Are we of this world or of you? Keep us faithful to your Word, Lord Jesus, and to the ancient faith handed on to us by our teachers, in its most transcending and transforming truth. Help us to discern charlatans who lead us backward or astray. Give us great reverence for God’s Word as your powerful presence spoken and working among us. Let Your Word penetrate and transform our hearts and confusion so that we can work for the establishment of your reign.

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