Saturday after Ash Wednesday

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 58: 9b-14
Gospel Reading
Luke 5: 27-32

Opening Prayer

Jesus leader, teacher and friend, my self- righteousness cringes with embarrassment as you look at me! Yet I hear you again say: “come, follow me!” Thank you for continuing to believe in me and call me to create God’s reign. It is humbling that you never give up on me. Pour forth your transforming Spirit that I might help restore the ruined homestead of your presence among us. Help each and all of us to be light for others amid the darkness our self-serving righteousness has created. As you bridged the gap between God and us, help us repair the rifts we have created among and within ourselves! Change our sinful, dysfunctional hearts! On the wings of your Spirit, may we ride to the heights where all people will rejoice in their dignity as God’s children – where all pain and division will be healed, – and where we will experience the holy God of life being, living, and delighting among us, in the homestead of God’s heavenly reign.

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