Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
James 3: 1-10
Gospel Reading
Mark 9: 2-13

Opening Prayer

Jesus, spoken Word of God, purify our mouths that we speak only truth, goodness, and sincerity. May all words uttered of others be permeated with respect and reverence for your divine image in them. Curb the violence that flows from the darkness within and defiles the peace, justice and truthfulness of your reign. Like Peter, James and John, take us to the mountain that we might see your glowing presence, even within clouds and darkness. Transfigure our hearts that we might see your Spirit and glory breaking out in our human experience. May your Word of love and justice be the bit in our mouths which guides our thoughts, actions, judgments, speech and silence. Speak your Word again more deeply in the silence and darkness of our hearts.

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