Second Sunday of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 2: 42-47
Second Scripture Reading
1Peter 1: 3-9
Gospel Reading
John 20: 19-31

Opening Prayer

Risen Lord, it is so exciting that You are still alive and come to us in our fears. Sometimes, like Thomas, I just cannot believe. Continue to pour forth Your Spirit among us so that we can strive for the original unity and idyllic generosity of Your first followers. You give us a new birth – new life – new energy. Yet, sometimes, like Thomas, I want proof it will work before I’ll follow You and believe in Your risen presence. In new ways beyond our imagining, we are connected in You. You empower us to transcend ourselves and remain faithful to the end. Sometimes I get uncomfortable with the hot breath of Your Spirit – You give us the keys to Your heart – to forgive and free – to unlock heavy burdens and imprisoning darkness. Your presence is stretching us and expanding our hearts and outreach beyond. Continue to be our hope and strength so that we do not break or fall into disbelief.

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