Second Sunday of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 5: 12-16
Second Scripture Reading
Revelations 1: 9-11a, 12-13, 17-19
Gospel Reading
John 20: 19-31

Opening Prayer

I want to put my hand in your side, Jesus! Sometimes, like Thomas, I need visible, tangible signs! I’m sorry! Sometimes I simply want to feel you holding my hand amid the confusion of my life. Thank you for continuing to come into the upper and hidden rooms of my fears. The Breath of your Spirit heals, gentles, empowers and challenges. I’m awestruck that you give us the keys to God’s heart – the power to free and bind. Pour forth your wisdom and compassion that we use these keys as you would use them. Teach us to free more than bind, because you are the freeing God who rose from death! You are the First and Last, Jesus, the One Who lives! Continue to speak to us and in us. Dance in our hearts and make our spirits soar with an ecstasy of love and wonder. Your powerful presence overwhelms all darkness so that even shadows heal! Thank you, you who are forever and ever!

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