Second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Hebrews 5: 1-10
Gospel Reading
Mark 2: 18-22

Opening Prayer

You are joyful as you dance across the heavens! You absorbed all of us, Jesus, High Priest. You became sin and embraced every part of our human experience, because you are our beloved spouse. You make us part of you as you offered us to God in your suffering and death. We are made holy, because you are our High Priest. In you, God listens to us. Thank you for embracing even the parts of us we are unwilling to offer to God. Your presence among us as groom is a real delight. I’m glad you did not ask for fasting, misery and grim seriousness as your religion. Some people make your way seem so dour and uninviting. It looks like misery masquerading as spirituality. Help us to drink of your new wine, aged on ancient promises, which freed us to dance with you as our beloved.

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