Second Week of Easter  

First Scripture Reading
Acts 5: 17-26
Gospel Reading
John 3: 16-21

Opening Prayer

Radiant God of Light, Your Son is the brilliant reflection of Your love. Thank you for your unconditional and endless love of us. Like lightening You flash through our souls, transforming all darkness. I am humbled when I think that You did not need to leave the heavens and Your comfortable existence. Only because of Your love for me – and for us – did You come to embrace us in Jesus. You took the risk of embracing our confining darkness – and we tried to stifle Your blinding light. Why do we still choose darkness, Lord? What is it in us that likes to confine you and your message in darkness. We imprison your brilliant glory by demeaning the dignity of your children. Yet, as You broke open the darkness of the tomb for Jesus, break open all our attempts to confine in darkness. Let Your new light permeate and brighten the Temple of our experience this day. Thank you, Jesus, for being the Light of the World!

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