Saturday of the Second Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 6: 1-7
Gospel Reading
John 6: 16-21

Opening Prayer

The unsettling turmoil of storms in the seas of my life always scares me, Lord. I wonder where You are. I need Your calming when I am afraid of the darkness and chaos. Please appear again in ways I can experience so that I know that You are walking on the waves of my life. Don’t let the strong winds of darkness plunge me into disbelief again. Do You get disturbed when we start to bicker among ourselves? Like the early community and the complaining about ministries to serve the evolving needs, keep Your Church open today to new ministries and to include more people so that the needs of the Body of Your Son and Your human family are met. Strong winds are buffeting Your Church. Calm us, Risen Lord, and teach us trust!

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