Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Samuel 16: 1-13
Gospel Reading
Mark 2: 23-28

Opening Prayer

Confusing God, you put Samuel in a ticklish situation – to anoint a new king while Saul was still alive and king. You do like to confound and stretch us with the mysterious ways of your wisdom. But there You go again: did You have Samuel pick David because of his handsome good looks? I know that You saw more – that You could read his courageous, poetic and shepherding heart. It is just that sometimes the beautiful people seem to get everything, and that discourages me. You really are difficult to understand, Lord God. Yes, You are confusing at times! Do You find us as confusing as You read the mixed motives of our hearts? You want us to follow Your laws – and yet rigid obedience to Your laws, wrapped in religious righteousness, can harden hearts and spirits so that we do not respond to Your relational love. In this age, when false prophets are trying to reduce Your challenging call in faith to a simplistic strict obedience to human laws, keep us flexible in listening to You. Anoint us with the oil of wisdom so that we do nothing to confine or shrink Your reign, even when it is confusing. Give us faith to trust You as You move us into Your uncharted future.

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