Saturday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Leviticus 25: 1, 8-17
Gospel Reading
Matthew 14: 1-12

Opening Prayer

Loving God, on this first Saturday we salute Mary, the woman who said “Yes” to you and enfleshed Your Son in our world. May she inspire us to say “Yes” and follow Jesus more faithfully. Help us to hear your biblical call for sabbath rest — for times of jubilee to stop and rest and reflect on your goodness as our God — that our lives and spirits may be renewed by thoughtful listening to Your Word. Following the example of John the Baptist, may we speak the truth we know in our hearts and be willing to pay the price to create the justice and truth of your reign. Pour forth Your powerful Spirit of Wisdom that we may discern the priorities of our lives and know and do what is most attuned with Your will and kingdom.

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