Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

First Scripture Reading
1 John 2: 18-21
Gospel Reading
John 1: 1-18

Opening Prayer

Eternal God of Time, it is the last day of year – the final hour – and reminds me that we live in the ends of days, having been anointed by Your presence in Jesus among us and through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Because of You, we have truth, life and hope to embrace and share. The fullness of Your Kingdom is coming. You are our light, since the beginning of dawn until the fullness of the new day which will never end. You are enduring love, which casts new light on our human experience, making us holy in Your sight and able to share Your Spirit and expand Your presence. You cast out any darkness which tries to engulf us, even when it falsely masquerades as light. Your Word has been spoken – we are saved and enlightened. Help us to appreciate each moment of time You gift us with. Thank you for all that You did for, in and through us this year, even when we were not aware of Your saving and freeing presence!

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