Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 4: 11-19
Gospel Reading
Mark 9: 38-40

Opening Prayer

Holy Wisdom, You are like our Mom and Dad, who comfort, challenge and caress us. Your love and values are our heritage, implanted deep within. Whisper again the intimacy of Your secrets to remind us and enliven the secret image of You at our core. Keep us faithful to You, Holy Wisdom, Our Parent, our God! Give us Your inclusive Heart which gives the benefit of the doubt to others. Pour forth and whisper Your wisdom within our insecurity and fears that move us to draw exclusionary boundaries around others. If others do not do it our way or believe what we believe, we condemn, demean and isolate them. Overwhelm us with Your embracing and gentle wisdom and Your powerful, inclusive love, Good God!

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