Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 6: 5-17
Gospel Reading
Mark 10: 1-12

Opening Prayer

You are our Friend, O God, and You bless us with friends who reflect and image Your presence and glory in our lives. Humble us today to honor and cherish the friends You and our choices have gifted us with. As I speak their names (speak the names of friends who come to mind and heart), make them present and bless them, good Friend, Our God. They are Your blessing in challenge and comfort, in companionship and choice. Their hand on my heart makes walking through life more wonderful. They are treasure to me, from You. Give me the commitment to honor my choices, as Jesus challenges us. Help me not to dissolve commitments simply for convenience. Empower me to honor and cherish and recommit to my spouse of choice, and not discard anyone. Fidelity is a lost art these days, Lord — give us Your faithfulness and the treasure of love will continue to shine. Thank you for being our Friend and smiling through our friends.

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