Saturday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
James 5: 13-20
Gospel Reading
Mark 10: 13-16

Opening Prayer

Jesus, you love children! Embrace us as your younger brothers and sisters. Keep simplicity, innocence and wonder alive in the fiber of our humanity. May Your Spirit soften our cynicism and hard-heartedness. We so easily dismiss the child – the child in us! Encourage us to believe and tap into the healing power of prayer. Help us to anoint each other with compassion and truth. We trust that you are the responsive God who listens to us attentively. We are the apple of your eye and the love of your heart. We are not lost amid all the myriad people and situations which command your attention. You are our parent who loves, touches, embraces and does what is best for your children – each of us! And all of us! Thank you, Jesus!

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