Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 18: 1-10a
Second Scripture Reading
Colossians 1: 24-28
Gospel Reading
Luke 10: 38-42

Opening Prayer

Holy and Hospitable God Who travels in our world, You seem to love hospitality which images Your heart. No wonder You promised Abraham and Sarah a son, after the initiating way they invited strangers into their tent and to their table. Jesus loved the opportunity to be with Mary and Martha, especially when Mary simply stayed, and listened, and attended to him. You like attention, Indwelling One. Help us attend to you this day, to be hospitable to your Divine Presence as You visit us. Calm us not to be so busy in preparations that we miss you. InSpirit us with the faith of Paul, so that we can still seek and believe in you amid the struggles and sufferings of our life. Help us to experience all sufferings as part of the birthpangs of your kingdom. In the times of darkness and fear, teach us to trust your initiating hospitality and mysterious presence inviting us to the fullness of Your table. Calm us to be still and enjoy you!

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