Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 8: 6-13, 20-22
Gospel Reading
Mark 8: 22-26

Opening Prayer

Holy God, Noah sends out the dove to see if the purifying waters have receded. After many days and efforts, the dove returns with Your olive branch. The World is at peace again. Give us the hope of Noah to believe in Your purifying Presence which brings us to completion and peace. Like the blind man, touch us, Jesus — use Your spittle to open our eyes so that we see clearly and sharply that Your Spirit and purifying waters have transformed our reality. In the touch of Jesus, we have Your olive branch, and know that we are at peace with You. May His healing touch clarify our vision to see You in all people and situations of our life. Heal the violence and dysfunction of our lives, making us people of Spirit and purifying Water, who carry olive branches in the way we treat each other. God of love, we celebrate the gift of love and the people Your love gifts us with. Help us to be as self-emptying and generous as You are in the way we treat, respect, reverence, and appreciate the people who reflect Your Face and Presence to us.

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