Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
James 2: 14-24, 26
Gospel Reading
Mark 8: 34 - 9:1

Opening Prayer

Jesus, gentle and strong, you blended divinity and humanity in a unique and unifying way. Give us the same unifying integrity of our faith and works. Show us that it is not “either-or”! Teach us how our faith and actions empower, enrich and manifest each other. Why do we like to create false divisions, as if it were important to take sides. Contemplation and action flow from each other. As we follow you, Jesus, give us courage to accept the rocky steps, stumbling climbs and painful disappointments. Give us energy and enthusiasm to follow you and not lose heart, even when it does not make sense. Empower us to live with the contradictions and mystery of your life in us.

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