Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 17: 15, 22 - 18: 1
Gospel Reading
John 16: 12-15

Opening Prayer

God of Love, Spirit of Truth, You inspired Paul the Apostle to speak Your saving message to sophisticated people, using their symbols to enlighten them. Continue to inSpirit our hearts and ears that we can listen to You. Humble us never to be so sophisticated that we will not follow Jesus and live by faith. Lead us on our search for You into the unknowns of our life. May the voice and presence of Your Spirit instill us with the truth that it is “in You that we live and move and have our being.” You, eternal God of Love, are the source of our existence and breathe of our life. In Christ, we thank you!

Lord Jesus, today we also celebrate the anniversary of St. Therese’s First Communion.  Remembering how excited she was about this first personal and intimate contact with you, help us always to be as excited about you and as loving of you as she was and is.  Teach us again to appreciate the depth of your love for us and the intimacy of your presence in the Blessed Sacrament and every moment of our day.

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