Sixth Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 16: 11-15
Gospel Reading
John 15: 26-16: 4a

Opening Prayer

You show up in new places, God of Surprises! As you called Paul to the new world of Macedonia, he found Lydia and the women by the river. They were open to the good news of Your saving presence in Jesus. Inspire us with confidence to seek you in new places and people, and not to confine Your message and presence just to areas we are comfortable with. Renew us with life in Christ. Re-baptise our hearts that we may be open to Your Spirit whom You send ever-new to us. Stretch our apostolic faith that we may seek and share you in new and surprising places. Allow Your Spirit of Truth to calm our fears. Make us patient and trusting amid the birth-pain struggles of misunderstanding, as Your surprising and powerful new Reign breaks out in our world. As we remember and memorialize today those who died for freedom, we thank you for dying for the freedom and dignity of all God’s children. Gather all courageous freedom fighters and martyrs into the bosom of your glory – and free all people in your reign.

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