Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
James 1: 1-11
Gospel Reading
Mark 8: 11-13

Opening Prayer

Like the Pharisees, we seek signs from heaven! Lord, I am embarrassed that so often the sign we seek is the fulfillment of our own hopes, hurts, needs and dreams — and not God’s freeing will. That is why we rail against trials and challenges — why do You test us so much? To strengthen our endurance? We are trying to survive, Lord, in a stressful and challenging world! Do You allow these challenges to be Your sign of a larger, bigger world? — trying to kill our selfish egos define and deify us. You really do want to refine us as Your beloved daughters and sons — our true self in You! Please give us the humility and gratitude before the mysterious ways You work within and among us. Mold our hearts with Your generosity to reach out to others rather than simply attending to our own hurts and challenges. I’m sorry that I make it all about me so often!

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