The Feast of the Birth of Jesus

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 9: 1-6
Second Scripture Reading
Titus 2: 11-14
Gospel Reading
Luke 2: 1-14

Opening Prayer

Jesus, You are here! The Eternal Word of love is spoken and becomes flesh. You are one of us. All humanity is uplifted and made holy by Your holy presence among us. Light shines and sings. Darkness is gone. A Child smiles and we see the Face of God. How wish I were Joseph that I might hug and protect You. How I wish I were Mary to know Your divine touch and birthing power. How I wish I were an angel to sing of Your glory to the heavens. How I wish I were a shepherd to visit You and touch Your tiny fingers and see Your baby face. How I wish I were the manger to embrace You, Eternal God, Child of Peace. Thank you for being so in love with us that You became one of us!!! I am awed beyond who I am because of Who You are for me – for us!!!

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