The First Week of Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 25: 6-10a
Gospel Reading
Matthew 15: 29-37

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, why are we mountain climbing again? Is the mountain coming to us, or must we climb?!? Isaiah promises that the initiative is all Yours! Thank You! Thoughts of your promised meal salivate my spirit. It is awesome and hopeful that You will remove the veils that separate people into categories, races, divisions, and stereotypes. You are going to make us one on Your holy mountain, aren’t You! Are You reversing the tower of Babble? Help us climb Your mountain by opening ourselves to Your generous, healing presence. There is so much disease and deformity within and among us which needs Your healing touch. Just as Jesus challenged his disciples to share what they had to feed others, give us the courage, personally and corporately, to overcome our desire to hoard Your resources so that we can feed all Your people. We need your coming, Lord Jesus. We need your healing presence! The mountain is welling up with us!

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