The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

First Scripture Reading
Proverbs 8: 22-31
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 5: 1-5
Gospel Reading
John 16: 12-15

Opening Prayer

Most Holy God, beyond all human words, concepts and images, thank you for revealing Yourself in ways we can understand. You are the Father, the creative power from the beginning, the maternal womb of our life. You are the Son, Your Word spoken in human terms, Your love enfleshed, Who saves us. You are eternal Wisdom, Your Spirit, Who dwells within and among us, inspiring and uplifting us. You are more than we can ever imagine, Holy God, Three in One. You are community. You are unity. We are created in Your image – help us to integrate the disparate and unknown parts of us, that we might reflect the glory and unity You have given us in Christ. InSpirit us to know You, not as some objective geometric reality beyond our existence and experience, but as Love Who permeates, embraces, and sustains all that we are. Abba-Father, Son-Logos, and Holy Spirit, we love you!

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