Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent

First Scripture Reading
Judges 13: 2-7, 24-25a
Gospel Reading
Luke 1: 5-25

Opening Prayer

O Flower of Jesse’s stem, you are raised up as a sign for all peoples. Rulers, nations and peoples stand silent in your presence and worship you. Come, and let nothing keep you from blossoming and coming to our aid. Manoah’s wife and Elizabeth speak of your strong initiation coming to our sterility and powerlessness. In Samson and John the Baptist, we see your strong life budding forth from barrenness, when impregnated by faith and available in hope. Teach us today, not to stand in speechless disbelief, but in awe of the power of your initiating love. You are awesome, Promise of the Nations, the way You bloom among us. Jesus will be our vine and connect us to the Source of Life. Plant and root yourself deep within us.

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