Thursday of the Third Week in Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 54: 1-10
Gospel Reading
Luke 7: 24-30

Opening Prayer

Sometimes we live in fear and shame in Your presence Lord. Prepare us to receive You with trust and pride, to know You as You know us – full of loving joy. Call us back to Your joy every moment of each day. Don’t let us feel abandoned by You when it feels like You are distant. Keep us certain of Your abiding presence. But, if You allow us to feel distant from You, let it be for some good beyond our comprehension. Continue to help us understand the bottomless bounty of Your compassion. In this season, give us joy in our celebrations so that in fully living we fully experience Your exuberant kindness. Like John the Baptizer, let a road in our hearts be prepared for the celebrations of the Heavenly feasts!

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