Memorial of Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

First Scripture Reading
2 Samuel 7: 4-17
Gospel Reading
Mark 4:1-20

Opening Prayer

God of the Journey and God of Place, You want us to have roots and wings. You wandered with Your people in the desert as You escort us through our journey of life, ever expanding our horizons. You rejoiced that David and Israel built You a house, to give us stability and a focus. You always want to root us deeply in You. You are a divine Gardener Who plants Your seeds within us. Soften the hard ground which makes it difficult for Your Word to penetrate us. Burrow deeply within our shallowness. Uproot the weeds which distract us. Make us good soil where Your Word can grow and blossom, rooted deeply in You and reaching outward with the wings of Your creative life. As David builds a house for You, You promise to build a house within us. Thank You for the presence of the Spirit of Jesus among us – which makes us Your living Temple – the garden of Your delight.

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