Third Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 9: 1-20
Gospel Reading
John 6: 52-59

Opening Prayer

You are a nurturing and challenging God! I both marvel and fear the way You transformed Saul from a fiery energy of destructive righteousness to a passionate messenger of Your good news. Continue to challenge religious righteousness which binds, destroys and spreads violence. Knock us off our high horses, even if they are only fantasies created by our insecurity. Touch us and heal the blindness that makes judgments and violence against those we don’t understand or are threatened by. Empower us to believe that we are what we eat, Jesus, Lamb of God! Humble us to believe more deeply that You are our true food. Your Body and Blood is our life-line and necessary diet – so that we might be Your Body broken and Life-Blood poured out for the sake of Your reign. You are food who makes us food, which we can only digest when we stop living off the diet of our self- centered righteousness. Teach us again, Risen Lord, that when we persecute just one of Your brothers or sisters, we are persecuting You!

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