Third week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 6: 8-15
Gospel Reading
John 6: 22-29

Opening Prayer

Healing and Disturbing One, why does fear bring out the worst in people? Good religious people seemed threatened by Stephen proclaiming the transforming power of Jesus… Today, our Church seemed filled with people afraid of the way you are transforming and moving us. Help us to see that you are with us, sweeping us forward to God’s future. Teach us again to believe that your resurrection is about changing things – a new order – a new day of light, in which you transform everything which limits your reign of justice, freedom, peace, and reconciliation. Help us to trust your healing, even as you disturb us. Enlighten us never to seek you simply to have our need for security satisfied. Let us never reduce our religion and your call to faith to selfish satisfaction and secure comfort. InSpirit us to trust that you are leaven expanding and stretching us, becoming the food of God’s reign. Thank you for rising in us, and emptying again the confining caves of fear we needlessly recreate.

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