Third Week of Lent

First Scripture Reading
Jeremiah 7: 23-28
Gospel Reading
Luke 11: 14-23

Opening Prayer

Thunderous God, why are we deaf? You speak loud enough! You speak often enough! What prevents us from listening to Your voice and letting it penetrate within? Thank You for being so faithful and persistent with us. We need Jesus to come, touch our spirit and open the ears of our soul. Like some of the cynical and suspicious people he met, we judge that those who don’t do it our way might be demonic. Why cannot we see goodness for what it is – a gift from Your hand! We need a lot of healing, Lord! Cast out the deafness that hardens our hearts and does not allow us to hear You Who have been thundering and bellowing in our life and history. Thank You for speaking Your Word – He is gentle, strong, healing, and freeing!

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