Friday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Daniel 7: 2-14
Gospel Reading
Luke 21: 29-33

Opening Prayer

Ancient One, Powerful God, the demons of Daniel’s vision remind me of demons I’ve experienced within myself–monsters I’ve seen in our world–violence I’ve sweated through in nightmares. I’m afraid of their terrifying power. But You give me hope that Your Son of Man will and has conquered and tamed these savage demons, and in the struggle is bringing to birth your final and all pervasive dominion. Help me to see the signs of birth. Sometimes I get lost in the terror and darkness–the violence of it all. InSpirit us with hope-filled eyes which see You breaking through to accomplish Your ancient covenant dream. In the worst disasters, darkness and coldest winter, You are there with us. Focus us to see Your light–Your warmth–Your comforting and saving presence.

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