Thursday after Ash Wednesday

First Scripture Reading
Deuteronomy 30: 15-20
Gospel Reading
Luke 9: 22-25

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, we long for life, yet we seem to choose death. Why the crazy contradictions in us? You must smile like a knowing and patient older brother! With self-anointed divine omnipotence, we try to grab control of everything, and then wonder where You are when we come up empty. Losing and winning are so confusing and important. We have so much to learn about You, and about the power of surrender to Your saving Presence within, among, and beyond us. InSpirit us to acknowledge with humility and trusting confidence that You are the God of Life, and true life only happens when we allow You to embrace and live and work within us. As we follow You, Jesus, we may be stumbling in doubt and confusion – but we want to follow You and live!

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