Thursday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Ex 3:13-20
Gospel Reading
Mt 11:28-30

Opening Prayer

Holy God, did you laugh at Moses’ excuses?  Like him, I sometimes suspect that I have no credibility and certainly don’t have the language to speak to You.  Your missions are transforming and terrifying.  I’m awed as You revealed Yourself – that You are Who is – You are the ground of our being and the source of our life.  It would have been easier if You had a simple first name, but Your reality is beyond any human name, word or concept.  As Moses engaged in dialogue with You, keep us in dialogue with Jesus.  When life gets tired, tedious, and burdensome, help us to take on his yoke rather than jettison it.  I fear that yokes make us beasts of burden, but need to believe that You are the one who takes us on your shoulders and lightens and heightens us.  Pick me up Lord Jesus, I’m tired and weary.  I need Your being to sustain and carry me.

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