Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 7: 51-8, 1a
Gospel Reading
John 6: 30-35

Opening Prayer

Wonder Bread, sometimes the hardened crusts of our cynical spirits must seem like uncircumcised hearts and ears. Circumcise our excesses, so that we can hear and see you. Like those that should have known better, we sometimes destroy your messengers, hurling stones of hard judgments and rocks of demeaning righteousness. Give us the faith and passion of Stephen, to see you, Son of Man, rising and breaking out in glory. Give us his sense of mercy, when we are the victims.

Help us to echo your forgiveness even as we hurt. Cut away all that desensitizes us to your presence and your message. Help us to eat well the manna you give us – the daily bread of our lives, where you are breaking out and constantly rising. Thank you for being the Wonder Bread of Life, Jesus, satisfying our hunger and thirst for God as we journey to glory.

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