Memorial of Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr

First Scripture Reading
2 Kings 25: 1-12
Gospel Reading
Matthew 8: 1-4

Opening Prayer

Healing Lord, sometimes we are like Jerusalem: downtrodden, overrun and beaten. Our walls and defenses are torn down. Our inner core is destroyed and we seem to be in exile. Save us, Lord Jesus! Heal us! Lord Jesus! Give us the faith to even turn to you, like the leper, believing in hope that you can and will save us. Empower us with humility to acknowledge your saving presence and healing power. Save us from always trying to save ourselves with our own limited and destructive resources. Stretch out your hand and touch me, Lord. My spirit needs hope. My darkness needs light. Our self- destruction needs your life-giving touch. Our despair needs healing hope, which only you can give.

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