Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

First Scripture Reading
Romans 1: 16-25
Gospel Reading
Luke 11: 37-41

Opening Prayer

Jesus, you created quite a scene when you did not perform the required ceremonial washing when you went to dinner. You are such a radical!  You like to disturb people.  You are so much more concerned about clean and pure hearts, than washed cups, dishes and hands.  You demand that we be kosher in the depths of our spirit.  Why are we so much more concerned about the way we look than about what defines our heart?  I need help, Lord!  Sometimes my senseless heart is darkened to your truth and wisdom.  While all creation around me is shouting your praise, sometimes I am deaf and blind and mute, wandering in darkness and confusion, even as I call it wisdom.  Teach me that wisdom which does not lead me to you is empty and distorted.  Help me never to try to shrink you to human images so that I can pretend to control you.  Yes, Lord, you disturb souls.  You disturb me !  I think I’m grateful, Lord Jesus!

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