Memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul, Priest

First Scripture Reading
Ezra 9: 5-9
Gospel Reading
Luke 9: 1-6

Opening Prayer

Loving God, we are unworthy of Your great mercy. Your compassion and forgiveness are so generously and unconditionally given. We are humble and prostrate before the greatness of Your love. Even our guilt and sinfulness cannot confine or shrink Your powerful mercy! Give us the humility of heart to look back at You as You gaze with love on us. Empty us, as Jesus encouraged his disciples, so that You can work freely in and through us. Free us to walk the journey to You and to Your reign. Lift the emotional baggage which weighs us down and doesn’t allow Your healing and freeing power to work through us for others. We ask You this in the name of Jesus, who is the human expression of Your mercy and compassion.

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